so muss das

gemacht und kommentiert werden…:

Flickr-Bilder korrekt kommentieren

Ein wirklich guter Kommentar für ein Flickr-Bild will gut überlegt sein. Schließlich soll der Fotograf in seiner Arbeit nicht bloß bestärkt, sondern auch konstruktiv unterstützt werden. Nur so profitieren alle davon. Außerdem wichtig: Auf jeden Fall englisch kommentieren. Selbst wenn Profilname und Bild auf eine deutsche Herkunft deuten.

1. The photo is completely out-of-focus.
Write: „nice bokey!

2. The photo shows off a womans breast
Write: „Interesting portrait“

3. The composing is horrible.
Write: „Perfect crop“

4. The color negative film is obviously expired.

Write: „Hey – i love Instagram-shots.“

5. The subject of the photo is negligible smaller than a garbage truck.
Write: „Cool macro“

6. Self portrait of a bare assed person with dead black sunglasses.

Write: „Your eyes are captivating!“

7. The photo is a crappy Anne Geddes fudge showing a baby in a pumpkin.
Write: „I’ve never seen this before.“

8. A nightshot of the Colosseum.
Write: „Wow! Paris is one of the countries i like most in asia.“

9. The picture shows a man losing his leg in a harvester.

Write: „Oops.“

10. A very very sophisticated black & white still life of an artichoke.
Write: „yummy!“

11. A quake-hit area, totally destroyed.
Write: „The signs of urban decay are soooooo romantic.“

12. A shot inside the Basilica of St. Peter.
Write: „Dude, this place is freakin’ awesome!“

13. The photo shows a skull with a burning candle on top.
Write: „A really strong metaphor.“

14. A pimp with a pump gun showing off his attack dog puppy.
Write: „Isn’t he cute?“

15. A wholehearted Andreas Gursky-admirer presents his 4×5 inch work.
Write: „Which nokia did you use?“

16. A very sad photo of a weeping little girl with her wrecked doll.
Write: „lol“