Feedback Germán

by sms May 14th 2008…Hello Thomas! Thanks for your note in this morning.
Yesterday, not a good day for me, and I thought about ‚my camino‘.
Today very good.Airexe full.See Y tomorrow

by sms May 20th 2008… Hello my friend!! Thank you too for being
so close to me in this special moment and for being so patient
when I wanted to stay alone. Enjoy those days.  German

by sms Jun 14th 2008 … Uff!! 2-1 in the extra time and already classified for quarters.
Villa forever!! I hope to meet you on semifinals.

by sms Jun 22th 2008…Yeah!! Spain forever!! See you next sunday on the finals.
Thank you. German

by sms Jun 22th 2008…Hi!! If there is on optics in germany, you can send
this ‚*#¤@£‘ referee to spain and we will make new glasses for him!! ;-)

by sms Jun 25th 2008…Yeah!! In my opinion, Turkey played better football,
but when you needed to make a goal, you ‚just did it‘. So congratulations!!
Germany is the first finalist!!

by sms Jun 26th 2008…Are you scared??

by sms Jun 29th 2008 20.44 hrs…Shall the best who the match!! Good luck for today.

by sms Jun 29th 2008 22.51 hrs … Tonight spain played better football and we are the
champions of the Euro2008. Congratulations to germany too for all the
championship you made. Y VIVA ESPANA!!